SecRETs 2018 - UofC May 7, 2018

The University of Calgary is hosting a symposium on advances in information security named "Security Researchers and industry Experts Talks (SecRETs 2018)". It will be held at the University of Calgary on May 7th. The goal of the symposium is to provide an opportunity for security professionals and academics to learn about the advances in the field, exchange ideas, and increase collaborations.
The symposium will span one day and has 3 keynote speakers, presentations, and a poster session. The presentations will be given by industry professionals and academics in information security.
I was wondering if SPIE would be interested in participating in this event. It would be a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the practices used and the services offered by SPIE, as well as for SPIE to learn about the research going on at the University of Calgary.
I am confident that it will also be a great opportunity for SPIE to reach out to security professionals in Calgary and increase the collaboration with the academic side at University of Calgary.
For participation we have three opportunities;
  1. Attending the event. One of the main focuses of SecRETs is to provide a place for research and industry experts to learn about the work being done in both fields. With this platform, we hope to develop a stronger relationship between the two fields and lead to more join projects.
  2. Presenting at the event. SecRETs offers presentations from research and industry experts. We would also like to present the industry side of security in terms of research/work being conducted and/or challenges that are faced. 
  3. Sponsorship You can also help with sponsoring the event. Depending on the level of sponsorship, we offer different types of advertising. 
  • Bronze - $100. You receive 1 free registrations, and your company name among the event's sponsors.
  • Silver - $200. You receive 1 free registrations, your company name among the event's sponsors, and set up pamphlets/cards at the entrance table.
  • Gold - $500. You receive 2 free registrations, your company name among the event's sponsors, set up pamphlets/cards at the entrance table, and banner in the room.
  • Platinum - $750+. We can discuss what you would like to do for representation (e.g. and set up a desk/booth at the event).
Thank You,
Zain Rizvi
SecRETs General Co-Chair

SPIE Bursary Awarded

The SPIE Bursary for study at the University of Calgary was recently awarded to Rey Jr. Italia of Calgary. This is the second year Rey has won the award. The award contributes 2,200 $ to further the studies of a Computer Science student with a concentration in Information Security. It's available to undergraduate students in third or fourth year on the basis of financial need and academic merit.
Rey emigrated to Calgary in 2011 from the Philippines with his mother and older sister. His father had preceded them, working for Cargill Meats, and brought his family over after he was established. Once Rey graduates, with his sister's help, it will be her turn to get an education and re-enter the workforce. It's the classic story of immigrant family bootstrap-to-success, and contribution to the adopted country.
Rey finished his high school at St. Mary's and went on to major in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. He is now in his fourth year. Congratulations Rey and family!