UC developing professional graduate certificate programs

UCalgary CPSC is developing professional graduate certificate programs that will be of interest to infoSec professionals, especially those who want to further their education and earn recognition without committing to a full masters program.  Programs will include practical components featuring tools and utilities that students might actually use in the "real" world. Program developers seek suggestions for such tools and utilities. Especially, what are the common tools that are frequently used in professional infoSec environments?   


International Crypto Conf at UC Aug 13-17 features Adi Shamir

The 25th Conference on Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC 2018) will take place at the UCalgary August 15-17, preceded by a 2-day summer school. It covers crypto in general, but this year has the special theme "Crypto for IoT". Note the featured speakers, including Adi Shamir, the "S" of RSA. 



SPIE Bursary Awarded

The SPIE Bursary for study at the University of Calgary was recently awarded to Rey Jr. Italia of Calgary. This is the second year Rey has won the award. The award contributes 2,200 $ to further the studies of a Computer Science student with a concentration in Information Security. It's available to undergraduate students in third or fourth year on the basis of financial need and academic merit.
Rey emigrated to Calgary in 2011 from the Philippines with his mother and older sister. His father had preceded them, working for Cargill Meats, and brought his family over after he was established. Once Rey graduates, with his sister's help, it will be her turn to get an education and re-enter the workforce. It's the classic story of immigrant family bootstrap-to-success, and contribution to the adopted country.
Rey finished his high school at St. Mary's and went on to major in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. He is now in his fourth year. Congratulations Rey and family!