View from the CISO - demonstrating wins

In today’s complex environment the CISO must navigate many challenges in running a
comprehensive enterprise security program. Executive support, budget limitations, access to
skilled staff, employee training, a rapidly evolving threat landscape are but a few of the daily
pressures being juggled by the CISO.
There is increasing complexity in the overall security programs combined with the ramping of
digital ambitions of most organizations. The CISO must balance an integrated programmatic
response to:
  • Dramatically expanding attack surface
  • More corporate critical assets and data residing in the public cloud
  • More LOB use of SaaS apps outside of IT Security purview (shadow IT), without a clear understanding of the potential threats and liabilities posed by third parties
  • More IoT devices connecting to the corporate network, expanding the IP addresses attached to a company exponentially.
  • More DevOps and rapid software deployment cycles will challenge security teams to be included
  • The increasing importance of a compelling online customer experience creating new challenges for Identity and Access Management security programs Inability to define the infrastructure in traditional terms
  • Reliance on third parties within the supply chain
  • And other….
A challenge within the industry can be that the business model has evolved, but the
cybersecurity program has not. Traditionally there is a “Problem/Response,
Problem/Response…” model that runs the risk of delivering a new tool or capability in response
for each new incident. A more pro-active approach is required.
As an industry, the cyber security providers can be primarily delivering security tools in the
same manner and consumption model as was prevalent 20 years ago.
The goal of this talk is to discuss techniques that the CISO can use to get ahead of the CYBER
threats, align the security program with the business and seek senior level endorsement for a
forward-thinking pragmatic program. The intended outcome is for the attendees to leave the
session with practical advice to help them build a comprehensive CYBER security program.
About the speaker; 
Michael Doucet brings more than 30 years of cyber security and information management leadership
experience to his current role. As an executive director, executive advisory in the Office of the CISO at
Optiv, Doucet uses his past and present experiences to assist public and private enterprises plan, create and
execute security strategies. Doucet uses his vast information security expertise to lead organizations toward
a proactive approach to threat intelligence, third party risk management, governance and compliance, and
incident management.

Event Properties

Event date: 04-25-2019 11:30 am
Event End Date: 04-25-2019 01:00 pm
Capacity 70
Available place 40
Cut off date 04-25-2019
Individual Price $20.00
Location Fifth Avenue Place, West Tower, 420 2 St SW, +15 Conference Room, in northwest corner of the building